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28 July 11

At the beginning of the week with the help of my teenaged son we made meals for three nights plus a lunch (there were leftovers from the casserole). Then we ate, and did dishes within two hours.  It was a totally awesome home making night.  It feels great to know that tonight’s dinner is ready to go, and that I will not have pots and pans to clean up.  Woo hoo.  We originally intended to make two dinners, but since we had half a package of meat defrosted I figured we may as well go ahead and cook it up too.

We made a delicious turkey and sausage soup first.  Next we took the other halves of the meats from the soup and made spaghetti sauce.  Last we made a casserole.  My son did most of the casserole himself.  Yeah for teens!!

After putting the casserole in the oven we sat down to eat our soup.  So good.  Then I managed to get all the pots, pans and dishes washed before the casserole came out of the oven.  Yee haw!  Obviously I will have to make spaghetti to go with the sauce, but that is super easy and only one pot to wash.  Oh and then there is the casserole dish, but not bad.

It’s so exciting.  I am gonna have to cook ahead more often.

Oh yeah…I snuck fiber mix into the recipes..sneaky mommy.

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