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9 April 12

And so what do you do with all the colors after you are done dying eggs?  Well, we experimented with them.  I poured all the colors into a bowl to make it easier to take them into the kitchen.  My daughter wanted to see what it would look like if she dipped a napkin into it.  (It turned green.)  we took a white shirt and put it into the mess to see if it would dye the shirt.  While mushing the shirt around it was looking really cool like a camo pink and green.  I poured a little of the colored liquid out of the bowl and the shirt started losing green and turning pink.  Pushed back into the bowl it turned green again.  It was kind of fascinating.  I poured water onto the mess and it turned white and pink when touched by the water.  Green water came out of the bowl when tilted over and the shirt turned pink.  We washed and dried the shirt and it is now light pink.  It would have been really cool had it turned out the original camo, but we had fun watching the colors change and experimenting with the dye.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh